easysteer automatic electric power steering controller for T and B series systems this is our new controller kit for T anb B electric power steering ,why is it different from all the others available in the market ? because it automatically adjusts the steering assistance level according with the driver demand.


this new system will constantly analyse the force applied at the steering wheel by the driver and automatically adjust the steering assistance level. so, if the driver is applying a lot of force at the steering wheel (for example when parking) the steering will automatically give the maximum assistance. if the driver is on the motor way, he will apply minimal force at the steering wheel and the steering will automatically turn off, allowing the driver to have a very precise steering at higher speeds.


this new kit doesn´t use an adjustment knob, because it automatically adjust for you !


however, included in this sale is a led. the installation of the led is optional, you only install it if you want. this led indicates to the driver the level of assistance on each moment. there are 5 steering assistance levels available and the led indicates this


our units are professionally made circuits on a custom PCB they are RoHS compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) an EU directive intended to protect the enviroment by forcing manufacturers to remove environmentally hazardous substances.