below are a selection of columns and power steering systems we have built for various cars/vans and commercials over the years , every single unit is still in use today and working like the day they were first fitted. we also have a huge library of detailed pictures stored in alphabetical order on one drive please click the more pictures link to view them ... 100S MORE PICTURES

here on the left are a few picures of our installs using our slightly smaller " a series " system, it still has the same power as the B or T series but due to its size and shape its less noticable in a vehicle without coulmn shrouds ideal for vw t2 or old small commercials




here on the left are a few picures using our " t series " set up on various t25 and t3 buses the unit works LHD or RHD and hides away very well , this is our simplest diy freindly set up, its also a very durable motor with a simple control unit





the pictures on the left are of our best selling indestructible set up our "b series " easysteer system this will power any vehicle/car or van its bomb proof and works perfect with our speed sensitive controller and can be used with our slip ring for in situ adjustments